Improve Scroll performance by making the Mouse/touch event handlers passive

Chrome developer tools > Performance > Render > Scrolling Performance Issues currently reports that Dhtmlx gantt putts a whole-page mouswheel handler in… It should be made Passive (a setting when attaching the event handler).
Chrome reports this should reduce performance impact on the whole page during scrolling.

see: Making wheel scrolling fast by default - Chrome Developers
Improving scroll performance with passive event listeners - Chrome Developers

This can even be seen on Dhtmlx gantt’s own homepage:


passive event listeners are intended for and can be used only in handlers that don’t use preventDefault, which is not the case for DHTMLX Gantt:

It could probably be rewritten in a way not to use preventDefault, but it’s a relatively big change and it’s not obvious that it would have any measurable performance impact.
Scrolling is connected to smart rendering, which constantly runs calculations and modifies DOM as the viewport of Gantt is scrolled.
Because of this, any performance boost the native scroll optimizations can gain can be negligible or at least not worthy to research, better results can be achieved by profiling other parts of the component.

Do you have any performance issues with the Gantt in your app?
If you send some kind of sample I could run locally or a link to the online page, I can take a look and hopefully suggest something.