Improve the export efficiency[React]



I’m using the dhtmlxGantt v.7.0.1 Professional.

I have an issue when trying to export a big amount data

Failed to export ten thousand pieces of data. How can you improve the export efficiency

Thanks a lot in advance.


If you try to use the online export server, you are limited to 20 seconds:
To export large charts, you need to use the standalone export module.

If you use the standalone export module and try to export the data to PNG by pieces, you need to wait long enough to export the data.

Here is the result of the export of 3000 tasks with the export module:
It took almost 50 minutes to export 22155 pieces from the following snippet:

Exporting the same chart to PDF takes only 12 seconds:
Here is the file:

The export time depends on the chart sizes and the computer resources.