improving dhtmlxgrid performances on row add

I’m working with dhtmlxgrid 3 pro and I’m wondering which is the faster method to add rows to the grid.
I mean, I’m initializing it using the “parse” method and it is quite fast (when using the smartrendering or the paging), but after that I’ve cases in which I want to dynamically add or remove a lot of rows (100? 200? something like that).
At the moment I’m using “addrow” and “deleterow” and I’m partially satisfied.
The “deleterow” works very well, but only if I remove (temporary) the paging to the grid.
The “addrow” is a lot slower (as one would expect since it must show something instead of hiding it). I was wondering whether it could be optimized changing some settings. For example I tried it both with paging enabled and disabled but there was no improvement. Is there something else you think I can try?

Best regards, Andrea Pirola

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.

How many columns do you have in your grid?
Please, provide a sample of your code to reproduce the issue.