In angular 10 gantt resource management is not working


I need to display the below design in my web application

resource usage

while using the code of

	{id: 1, text: "QA", parent:null},
	{id: 2, text: "Development", parent:null},
	{id: 3, text: "Sales", parent:null},
	{id: 4, text: "Other", parent:null},
	{id: 5, text: "Unassigned", parent:4},
	{id: 6, text: "John", parent:1},
	{id: 7, text: "Mike", parent:2},
	{id: 8, text: "Anna", parent:2},
	{id: 9, text: "Bill", parent:3},
	{id: 10, text: "Floe", parent:3}

we have error in resourcesStore.parse

we have error in toggleGroups

Please help me
we have license upto one year

Hello Siva,
You need to manually add the types for custom variables or allow Gantt to use all types:

declare let gantt: any;

Hi Ramil,
if i was declare let gantt:any

did not get the gantt display.

please find the attached screen shot below

I am using below statement in my componenet
import { gantt, Gantt } from ‘dhtmlx-gantt’;

please help me

i need to display resource view in gantt

Hello Siva,
As I said in the previous message, you need to manually add types for the custom variables. Angular is beyond our support so I cannot suggest how to correctly add types for these variables.

I have the following gantt+histogram demo for Angular 10 where it works correctly:

If you want us to help you to integrate Gantt into your environment or develop something for you, I can contact you with the Sales team.