In grid, coro column, if the column is not as wide as the l

In grid, coro column, if the column is not as wide as
the length of the text inside the select list, when you open up the list it
gets truncated and you cannot read the entire line.  Is there a way to
keep the column shorter than the width of the select list but display the
entire list when it is selected?  For example, if you have a select list
that is 300 characters wide but your column is just 100px, you cannot see the
entire line when you open the list and it is truncated.  Is there a way to
display the enire list left to right when selected, even if its wider than the

Default grid functionality doesn’t allow requested
features, but eXcell can be customized to implement necessary functionality.

1) Each eXcell can have a getTitle function, which
returns a text for tooltip, so in your case such function must be redefined


//return necessary title


 2) You can create a new eXcell based on “coro” or just change existing “coro” eXcell. In existing code width of
specified at line 653 in dhtmlxGridCell.js


Just replace it with fixed width which you want.<o:p></o:p>