'&' in links not allowed?

I have hyperlinks within cells of a dhtmlxGrid.  The links has parameters like that: 


Whith ‘&’ in the link, only header is displaying, but no rows. 

Is it a bug or a feature or do I have a knowledge problem? I’m a newbie.

Thanks in advance for any hint!

I’ve solved it temporarily very simple:

<![CDATA[ Linkname ]]

But I prefer the “official” solution with special syntax from dhtmlxgrid_excell_link,  so I hope to get an answer. 

The special syntax which I mean is link^url;^target

There are two possible issues with & character
a) escaping in XML
The next characters are not allowed inside XML data “<”, “>”, “&” - they need to be replaced with related entities ( &lt, > & ) or placed inside CDATA section ( your solution above )
b) rendering in HTML
If you are using & inside href part of cell - it will be processed correctly, but when used as part of HTML it may be treated as start of HTML entity ( IE ) and rendered incorrectly.
Grid supports “pure text” column types , such as edtxt,txttxt,rotxt,corotxt - which works as default ones, but process incoming data as text ( which means tags and special chars inside content will be rendered as a text, not as HTML )


My evaluation period is over after a day. With a positive result. :wink: