In Resource / Unit View, How to place Horizontal Scrollbar?

In our application it has requirement to use resource view, where we have around 50 Employee working on different services on different time scale.

But when we pass all those 50 employee into the scheduler column width becomes to small and
we unable to get the detail.

Please somebody let me know how to handle that issue?

Thanking you in advance!!!


Updated version of scheduler ( which is already in final stage of testing ) will support “step-like-scrolling” for the “unit” view.

Hey Stanislav,

No words to describe about your quickest response!!!
Thanks for your reply, may I know the release date of that version?


It will be released in first decade of April.

Thank you very much for information!!!


Hi Stanislav,

May I know whether scrolled version has released or not?

If I can get an example it would be more helpful to me!!!

Thanking you in advance!!!

Jasmit Vala

scheduler 2.2 support the next feature … _scrolling

It is not a real scrolling, but allows to handle big lists of units.