In series appointmets at same time do not reder correctly

I may have found a bug which occurs when 2 or more recurring apppointments are scheduled for the same time but for different units.

The problem occurs when a particular day has 2 recurring appointments for the same time but different units. If the user moves the first appointment the move succeeds with the orginal appointment dissapearing and an in-serie appointment added in the desired location.

When the user moves the 2nd recurring appointment, the appointment is added in the desired location but the original appointment does not dissapear. I’ve also found that at times the in-serie appointment doesn’t render correctly and moves to the first unit column.

The screen shot attached shows this and a sample file has been provided if required.

Steps to recreate.

Create a recurring appointment (every day) for 1 hour for a person on the unit view.
Create the same appointment for a differnt person

Move to another day and move each appointment to a differnet person and time. The first should succeed with the 2nd failing.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the problem and have some example code, but its recreatable with a 2.2 version scheduler


Please try to use the attached js file instead of the original one, they have fix for very similar issue, so it can help in your case as well. (34.5 KB)