include CheckBox in LightBox View?

Dear sirs,

i would like to include a checkbox in LightBox (as you can see at the attached image).
So far there is no problem. But how can i save a ‘1’ in my DB if the checkbox is “checked” and how a ‘0’ if it’s “not checked”? How can i react on clicking the CheckBox?

Client-Side (corresponding field is ‘klaerung’):

{name:"description", height:23, map_to:"text", type:"select", options:section_wonr, focus:true}, 
{name:"termin", height:23, map_to:"termin", type:"select", options:section_terminzeit},	
{name:"bemerkung", height:55, map_to:"termin_bemerkung", type:"textarea"},
{name:"klaerung", height:55, map_to:"termin_klaerung", type:"checkbox"},
{name:"custom", height:23, map_to:"type", type:"select", options:section_techniker},
{name:"abwesend", height:23, map_to:"abwesend", type:"select", options:section_abwesend, button: "block"},
{name:"time", height:72, map_to:"auto", type:"time"}



Thank you in advance

best regards
Oliver Natschke

You can use checked_value, unchecked_value attributes

{name:"klaerung", height:55, map_to:"termin_klaerung", type:"checkbox", checked_value:"1", unchecked_value:"0"},

Perfect :slight_smile:

Thank you