Include end date in Timeline View?

I have a Timeline view that schedules full day events (no time included in events). It is used to schedule the use of various company resources (including staff).

In the attached screenshot, the first event goes from 3/11-3/16 and the second goes from 3/11-3/17. I’d like the event to include the end date when being rendered. So, if someone is scheduled from 3/11-3/16, it shows them as busy on 3/16 instead of stopping at the end of 3/15. I could add some calculations to the server side script to change the data that is sent to the scheduler, but I’d prefer to just be able to do it within Scheduler itself.

Is there some setting to include the end date when rendering the event? If not, what would be the best way to do that within scheduler itself?

Thanks in advance!

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End date “3-16” means, that event finishes March 16th at 00:00 and covers March 15th and doesn’t cover March 16th. It’s correct.

If you want to fully cover March 16th you should set end date “03-17” or “03-17 00:00”. Maybe you could at least use “03-16 23:59:59”, but correct case is to use “03-17” or “03-17 00:00”.

You could correct event dates in onEventLoading handler. ( … event.html )

@polina I understand the logic you are using, but if I were to say I was going to be at your house from 2/2/2018 - 2/3/2018 it would mean I’m leaving the day of the 3rd. You would round up as you can’t go back in time. I wouldn’t be leaving your house at midnight.

Would it be possible to add a function to choose the round up or down for date? This way either logic is doable in the Gantt.

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Currently we haven’t such kind of functions, but I hope in future we will consider the possibility of adding this functionality to choose the round up or down for date.