Include html in dhtmxForm creation


I’m reading the .chm file documentation but I cannot find a way to add custom html tags or text inside a “block or container” control/type in dhtmlXForm().

See my form structure.

formStruct= [
     type: "block",
     list: [
        type: 'input', 
        label: "Username", 
        name: "uid",
        maxLength: 20,
        required: true,
        labelAlign: "right",
        labelWidth: 70
        type: 'input', 
        label: "Password", 
        labelAlign: "right",
        name: "pwd", 
        required: true,
        labelWidth: 70,
        maxLength: 20
       type: 'button', 
       value: "Verify", 
       offsetLeft: 73
      type: "container", offsetTop: 20,
      note: "This note does not run. How to add custom html tags or text? I would like to insert
      <a href='/'">Home</a> html link tag here.<br>
      <p>Some paragraphs too</p>"

I would like to add an html tag (link) as well as some paragraphs.

If found other way by appending a html to a container or block via (jquery/js) but what I really want is to create/append a text or html tag inside my json formatted structure.

Above structure generated this form below which is perfect but I cannot add html tags



Any update on this one? I need help here.


Please, refer to the following snippet demonstrating the logic:


Thank. Your snippet is way cleaner than what I made as a workaround for this. Thanks.