including read_only ext. makes all events to be read only

If I include the read_only extension in the page, this causes all events to be read only, regardless of any parameters I have set. I have created an if statement:

[code]function isEditable(id){
return “blah” == “blah”;

			scheduler.attachEvent("onDblClick", function(id,e){

					scheduler.getEvent(id).readonly = true;
				return true;

			scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeDrag", function (id, mode, e){
					return false;
				return true;
			});  [/code]

blah == blah should make everything edittable, but it doesnt.

readonly form can be applied to all events in case you’ve enabled readonly_form config, or if the .readonly property of all events is true. … event.html … _form.html … onfig.html

There is also global ‘readonly’ config which disables editing of the whole calendar … onfig.html