Incorect format number. Number is NaN.00


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You have set your ‘format’ for two (2) decimal places but you are sending four. If you change either the format to four decimal places or the data to two decimal places (e.g., 9999.99) it should work fine.

Here is snippet:


If I set value 9999.5555 I will get a nomal value with format two decimal place.


True. But it ‘rounds up’ to .56. If you have .9999 it will round up as well but to what? The special value NaN shows up in JavaScript when Math functions fail. I think you have a format limit that restricts the round up capability to display a real number hence the NaN (Not a Number). For example, if you change your number to 999.9999 and leave your formatting to .00 you get 1000.00


Yes. I want to see 1000.00 after rounding instead of NaN.00.
1000.00 is a good number :slight_smile:


Crash after 1000


Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in one of the future updates.
I’ll inform you about any update on this issue.