Incorrect Cell Type

HI! Im having a problem, when i Select rows in a Grid using “dhtmlxgrid_selection” and the press F5 appears an alert before refreshing page “Incorrect Cell Type Undefined”.

I define the col types at my XML (NO VIA Javascript)



Tipo de Producto





Est� activo

Es editorial

Es suscribible

Regards, oVox.

The mentioned error appears when cell of unknown type found in grid ( in some cases error can occur when API commands used with incorrect parameters )
The configuration which you provided is fully correct, attached sample uses it , and mentioned issue doesn’t reoccur.

If problem still occurs for you - please send any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed. (98.4 KB)

Ok, i will try to fix it.

Other Question, in this example that you send me here when i do a block selection and press CTRL+C no message appears, but in my solution appeas a “Windows Message” asking for Allow to copy or Not…i try to figure it out in your example code but i didn’t get it, how did you do that?


but in my solution appeas a “Windows Message” asking for Allow to copy or Not
There is no any special code for such purpose, the message may appear based on security settings of browser, which may show it or not based on used URL ( the message will not be shown for trusted zone )