Incorrect image path generated / error & access logs from Ap

Dear support,

There is an other question from my side, while I look at the error & access logs from apache; the only “404” tag can be found on few rows, showing that the page is trying to access to an image with a bad path.

The image is:

. icon_normal.gif

It is supposed to be located in “dhxwins_dhx_blue/active” and "“dhxwins_dhx_blue/inactive” subfolders.

The image path given to objects with the function setImagePath(…) is a concatenation of:

. a static part like: “http://server.url/our_envt/CSI

. a part depending on the object name: “/wnd/…/imgs” for example, for the dhxWindow.

The problem is that, for the image icon_normal.gif, the path generated is incorrect:

-> it contains “http://server.url/our_envt/CSI/CSI/…” !? I dont know what is happening and where is from this double reference “/CSI” ?

The only place where “icon_normal.gif” is referenced in the libs I use is : in dhtmlWindows.js.

Looking at the code, I dont understand how this “bad path” can be generated…


Please try to define global variable “dhx_globalImgPath” before initing dhtmlxWindows.

I dont use dhtmlWindows directly. It seems to be used as I’m working with dhtmlxLayout and Accordion.
But I’m going to try with this.

No, sorry the problem is still here, and I can’t get any solution to resolve that.
What can I try / check ?


Could you please provide completed demo to reproduce the issue?