Incorrect screen size on iPhone 5

My apologies - I should have posted in this forum first. Here’s the link to the original post:

The result of the problem is that the toolbar on the bottom of the calendar is floating about 1cm above the bottom of the screen, with the area below it unusable.

I’m hoping that there’s a fix for this. Just getting the toolbar down is enough.

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Sorry, it’s actually much closer to 2 cm above the bottom of the page.

Also of note, I’m using the dhx.ui.fullScreen() mode, which just makes it look worse.

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Hello Rob,

Is the size without fullScreen correct ?

I have attached the modified scheduler library. Please try it. (115 KB)

This worked, but I had to add the meta tag to prevent it from expanding the canvas such that everything was unreadable.


[/code] Thank you! Rob