Incorrect week numbers in Calendar

DhtmlxCalendar shows the first week of january or the last week of december incorrectly. This can be reproduced e.g. in sample 04_other/06_show_week_numbers.html when first day of week is set to monday and then see the first week of january 2015. It show week 53 instead of 1.

01.01.2016 begins on Friday. That is why there are 52 week in 2015 year.
You can read abut week numbering here: … _numbering

I meant this year. There are 52 weeks also in 2014. 1.1.2015 is Thursday and therefore belongs to week 1 but it is shown as week 53.


Sorry for long response
Please try attached calendar version (946 KB)

In the same sample as mentioned above the new version displays correctly when viewing January 2015 but it is still incorrect when viewing December 2014.

It shows numbers for active month, for Dec 2014 they are 49-53, for Jan 2015 they are 1-5, no?

No, for December 2014 it should display weeks 49-52 and 1. 29.12.2014 (Monday) belongs to week 1.