Incorrect XML dhtmlxgrid_with_db_php

I’m experimenting with your example of a grid with a php/mysql connection.

Updating the database works just fine but teh data doesn’t show up at the index.html

I keep getting the error message “incorrect XML”.

How do I slove this?

The main reason of such error - incorrect XML, probably some error corrupt XML generated on server side

Please check that XML response generated by script are correct XML
- syntax correct ( some special chars can corrupt output, also if
you are uses encoding different from UTF-8, please be sure that
it correctly specified in XML header )
- correct content type assigned - text/xml
- in case of FF, there must not be any whitespaces before start
of output and <?xml declaration
to check all those requirements , just point your browser to XML
generation script - if all correct browser will render correct XML