Incorrect XML Error - When loadXml interrupted


I am using Dhtmlx PRO 2.5 version.

I have the following problem:

  1. I access a webpage in which I create a Dhtmlx component, example Grid.
  2. I call the method loadXml for this component --> the request is sent to the browser.
  3. Before letting the browser receive the new xml to load the component, I click on another submenu that sends me to another webpage.
  4. I receive an alert “Incorrect XML”.
    Or if dhtmlxError.catchError(“ALL”,myErrorHandler); was added, myErrorHandler processes the error.

What I need is to differentiate the errors in order not to show this error when the user navigates or “overrides” the previous request.

What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance

error handler receives the loader object … handling&s[]=catchError

you can check errData[0].status - which will be status returned by server, in case of fully loaded ( not override ) data feed.