"Incorrect XML" in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox

This is the XML file I’m trying to load into the grid:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

To load it I’m using the DHTMLX sample dhtmlxGrid\samples\01_cell_types\01_calendar_grid.html. I only changed it to point it to my XML file.

Why would the loadXML function result in this error message “Incorrect XML” when the HTML is loaded in Internet Explorer, but not when it is loaded in Firefox?

By the way: after changing the string Rondèl into Rondel in the XML file, the HTML runs fine in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Something to do with character sets maybe?

This issue may occurs if file which you try to load is save not in “ISO-8859-1” encoding. Try to open this xml file at FireFox, it xml is incorrect it will point you to problematic row\symbol