Incorrect XML while using (dhtmlxgrid) render_sql function

Here is my problem.
While using render_sql to query a table containing data with “special characters” like é, è, à, °…
I get an incorrect XML error. I only have this problem when set of rows contains special characters.
How can I correct this ?

example of Data :

// The probleme comes from this line

Thank you for your help.

My version : dhtmlx 3.1 pro

If you are using connector, try to use

//place it before render_ command $grid->set_encoding("iso-8859-1");

Ooh my god !!!
so simple ??? Shame on me…
Thanks a looot !

this solution really didnot work for me .Error was solved but the character ??? comes in the output. Do you have any solution. I have changed the encoding in every page. I am really in problem . This ??? problem while rendering has stopped my work totally. I am using oracle in the back end . But there is no problem in the mysql database.

Try to open the url which produces xml directly in browser - does it show the valid content or question marks ?

The above code mentions encoding iso-8859-1, but it quite possible that in your case data in db is saved in the different format.

To work correctly, it is recommended that all media ( db, connector, html page ) are configured to use the same data encoding.