Incorrect XML


I’m showing some registers with a grid, not more than 30. But sudently It begins giving the message “Incorrect XML” when loading. The only way I found to solve it is to delete all registers. When I insert new registers it works fine untill one day It begins to fail again.

Does anybody know why is it happening or which tests I can do to find the problem.

Thanks in advance

The problem may be caused by some special chars , which breaks XML syntax , or stored in different encoding than XML.
The most simple way to check reason of the problem - point browser to the same URL, which used for loadXML command - it will show exact reason of XML parsing error.

I also thought about this cause and I deleted the registers with “strange” characters and it did not work. Is there a list of “forbiden” characters that could cause it?.
It could be the reason because there is a field of comments in the reagisters.
Lots of thanks.

Please check attached document
Handling_special_characters.pdf (22.8 KB)

The characters that cause the error are the next ones:


Do you think that if I change the xml header I could solve the problem?.
My database is “latin1_spanish_ci”.
How could I change this header?

Most probably, the next XML header must be correct
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
If it still cause errors, please attach a sample of problematic xml as separate file to this post.