Information required related to next version of Dhtmlx


We are currently using DHTMLX-Pro v2.5.
We wanted to know when is the next version of Dhtmlx targeted to be released. Also, could you please throw some light on the features of the new release, so that we can plan if we can use the next version of Dhtmlx in our release?

Thanking You,
Vibhav Agrawal


The next version will contain two new components dhtmlxDataView and dhtmlxForm. Btw, both new components will be presented for preview before offical release, so anyone can download them and affect the final functionality.

I am very excited to hear you are developing a DHTMLForm component.
I have been working on a ‘global’ form tool for some time.
If it is anything like the other components in the suite, it should be quite useful.
If you could, please let me know when the beta version is available for viewing/testing.
Best Regards,

Please contact if you want to try pre-release version of dhtmlxForm.