Inherit CSS Styles

I’m working to update our application using (Pro version) and would like to know is it possible to inherit DHTMLX component css classes. I’m currently using the windows component but I have custom html for the form itself. I would like be able to inherit DHTMLX css styles for the labels and inputs on my custom form. We intend to move to the Form component at a later date. The end result is if the customer selects “skyblue”, I would like for my labels and inputs to match the dhtmlx_skyblue classes.

Sorry, I’ve added a sample html form…

This would be the first question to ask?
This would be the second question to ask?
	<BUTTON tabindex="4" name="submitbutton" type="button" onClick="">Submit</BUTTON>
    <BUTTON tabindex="5" name="closebutton" type="button" onClick="closeWindow();">Close</BUTTON>


Sure you can but for this you have to recreate the same (or almost the same) DOM elements struct due css has nested rules like:
.dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue .dhxform_textarea {}

i.e. you have to add something common with class dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue and inside - input with dhxform_textarea

another sample:
.dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue div.dhxform_label.dhxform_label_align_left {}

I thinmk the best way for you is just copy css rules for certain elements to you own classes, that will much easier.