Init combo in form

migrating 3.6->4.0

in 3.6

personf = new dhtmlXForm("inviteperson");
		personf.loadStruct("source/xml/invite.php?invite="+actionv+"&id_stud="+id_stud_v+"&t="+new Date().getTime(),function(){
            	if (actionv!='promote') {
		 var combocountry = personf.getCombo("countrycombo");
[i]other conditions .....[/i]


<item type='input' value='38(xxx)xxx-xxxx' rows='1' label='Mobile telephone' name='telephone'/>
			<item type='combo' label='Citizenship' name='countrycombo' value=''/>
			<item type='combo' label='Duty Station name' name='dutycombo' value=''/>
			<item type='select' label='Position' name='position'>

form loaded but combo not working ;(
same with dutycombo

Seems kike code is fine
We need a demo to test it with oho files
Could you provide it? … pport.html

has temporary solution onXLE event with


but what about filtering ???
demo.7z (240 KB)


rename country.php to country.xml (in code also change)
or add first line into country.php <?php header("Content-Type: text/xml"); ?>

true country.php


<?PHP require_once("../../config.php"); require("../../../Connector/db_oracle.php"); require("../../../Connector/combo_connector.php"); $strn = new ComboConnector($res,"Oracle"); $strn->dynamic_loading(50); $strn->render_table("T_COUNTRY","ID_COUNTRY","NAME_OF_COUNTRY"); ?>[/code]

Please, send us on link to this topic + a direct link to your app

lost and found

after couple hours …

disable appfsw.attachURL("group_proj.php", false, {action:pr_gr, pr_group:id, project_gr:userid, })}

and add new <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../dhtmlx/skins/terrace/dhtmlx.css"/> <script src="../dhtmlx/dhtmlx.js"></script>

work perfectly