init mobile scheduler in custom element


how do i set the target-node for the mobile scheduler?
it allways creates a div in the body. but if i want to use the scheduler with a custom menu like, i want to specify the targetnode for scheduler-init.


ok sorry i got it.
spent some hours for this. but just a few minutes after my forum-post i got the answer Oo

dhx.ui({ view: "scheduler", id: "scheduler", container: "schedulerNode" });

another problem …

if the scheduler container is sized dynamically the mobile-scheduler does not work.
it starts with height/width: 0

is there a method to resize the mobile scheduler after creation?

if the scheduler container is sized dynamically the mobile-scheduler does not work.

Could you give an example of settings scheduler size that causes the problem ?

meanwhile i got the answer …
im using the mobile scheduler in a mobile view of dojotoolkit.
so i need to wait until the dojo-view has loaded and calculated its size.
then i need to resize the already initialized scheduler like here:

var size = dojo.marginBox(dijit.registry.byId(“schedulerNode”).domNode); $$(“scheduler”).$setSize(size.w, size.h);

Thanks for posting your solution, it really helped me. How did you come across the $setSize() function? Maybe I’m overlooking something, but I haven’t come across setSize(); in the mobile scheduler documentation anywhere, and it would have saved me a ton of time if it was part of the documentation.

well i just inspected the result of $$(‘scheduler’) with firebug … try and error :slight_smile:
then i noticed that the mobile scheduler is based on dhtml touch.
the touch docs are better than the mobile scheduler docs. but $setSize is not included.
based on the dhtmlxscheduler_mobile.js it should be in … e_baseview

I want to set the device on my mobile and i am an user of Mobile 8. So, can you tell me that, am i able to use this device on my mobile using Mobile 8 or not? If i am able to use it, then please tell me about the using process of it.

Awesome!! It’s just what I need!! Thanks!..