init val for Dynamic load in Combo? MORE HELP REQD URGENT!!!

I have a combo in a grid column set to filteration with dynamic loading of combo options. This works fine for a new combo value. However when grid is first loaded all the existing cells show the ‘value’ rather than the text because nothing has been loaded as yet. What is the best way of getting the initial combo items for existing rows in grid?


if you use dynamic loading, it is necessary to define item text manually:


Here is the article in the documentation: … D1%81olumn

Thanks Alexandra for the information. Please can you tell me how to set ‘auto’ = true for this combo column? I’m not defining my grid from XML and I can only find an example via XML. My combo is defined as cmbCities = grdCities.getColumnCombo(3). I then have cmbCities.enableFilteringMode(true,"/city/loadcmbcity",true). However when I send initial grid data as:

2044^Paris, France in the grid it appears as 2044^Paris, France. Please can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Also it is quite difficult to implement this solution as the data for the combo text is coming from a different source to the data for the value in the grid.

However thanks for your quick reply.

Unfortunately, there is not possibility to use 2044^Paris, France if grid isnot initialized by the xml.

You may use Paris, France to show correct value

OUCH OUCH!! That is sooo painful. Please can I have an enhancement suggestion for this so that all grid functionality works the same regardless of how it is initialised.

It is possible to modify values after data are loaded:

[code]var columnIndex = 2;


function doAfterLoading(){
var editor = this.cells(id,columnIndex);
var value = editor.getValue();
var arr = value.split("^");
/actual value/
editor.cell.combo_value = arr[0];
/visible value/

Alexandra that is certainly much better than having to abandon autocomplete. I take it that cell.combo_value and editor.setCValue are internal functions because I can’t find them in the documentation.

I have one question from this. I thought ‘editor’ was the cell itself so why then are we doing ‘editor.cell.combo_value’ and why are we NOT doing editor.‘cell’.setCValue?

Thanks for this extra help.

Yes, cell property and setCValue method are private. There is documentation for them.

why are we NOT doing editor.‘cell’.setCValue?
setCValue should be applied to grid.cells(id,columnIndex) object.