Initial loading of dhtmlxcombo with Filtering mode enabled


We have got 10 lakh records in lot details table.I am using dhtmlxcombo box in filtering mode enabled for populating lot numbers. The filtering mode was fine and as the user enters the lot number, drop down values(top 50 as was written in the sql query, rownum<=50) are displayed after retrieving lot numbers from database. My question is whether it is possible to display 50 lot numbers initially itself, so that end user won’t feel that drop down is empty. And as he enters the lot text remaining lots are also displayed.

I tried generating the xmlstring for 50 lots initially and tried to assign to the combo box but when i enable autofiltering and when i click on combo box, it is not displaying the initial xmlstring data.

//fieldresultxml--this variable holds the initial combo list xml
		var url = "someurl";

Hoping to get solution for this.

Best Regards,
Ravi Kumar

Inside dhtmlxcombo.js there is a next line

dhtmlXCombo.prototype._fetchOptions=function(ind,text){ if (text=="") { this.closeAll(); return this.clearAll(); }

It clears list of options if current value is an empty text. So you can replace it with

     if (text=="") return;

to allow initial set of data