Initialization from HTML and Hide/Show Tab

When initialize the tabbar with HTML how can you show or hide a tab.

When using js you have an object ex: tabbar=new dhtmlXTabBar(“a_tabbar”,“top”); and you can show or hide with the api



but in this case you know that the object is the tabbar so you can use the api.


Content 3

which is the tabbar object in order to use the api. I can not use XML to draw the contents of tabs because are complicated forms so i think HMTL is easier, at least for me.

Is there any solution

Thanks in advnace

There is no any attribute with necessary effect, but you can embed js command directly in HTML

<div id=“a_tabbar” oninit=" a_tabbar.hideTab(‘a2’); "

this mean that if i want to init the tab using a select box i can use the onChange=“javascript function” with which object.

I actually want to enable the tab when select an specific option on select box


Thanks in advance

Sure, when div container converted to tabbar, global object created with same name as ID of container, so you can use it for later reference

    <select onchange=" a_tabbar.setTabActive(this.value); " …