Initialize conector without mysql resource

Hi all.

I want to integrate dhtmlxScheduler inside my application using codeigniter php framework.
As all frameworks, there is a database layer and you can access database tables via methods (MVC pattern).

So in my case I can not make use of this constructor as I have no $res and even can’t see mysql host, user or password:
$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res);

And of course I don’t want to hard code mysql access twice in the same application and don’t want to make a second connection for the same database.

How can I use my own database layer to select/insert/update/delete events?
Or how can I make it in some other way?


You can create your own data access logic. Scheduler loads data as xml stream - so you can use any custom server side code to create XML from yours data. … ntegration

To save updates , you can attach custom handlers to onEventCreated, onEventChanged, onBeforeEventDelete actions on client side and call any necessary URI from them.