Inject custom components in React in Scheduler



Is there a way or method to inject custom React components within the scheduler tooltips, events, empty grids etc?

Aman Gupta


Hello @aman_gupta ,

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality, but it stays in future plans.
Currently, you can return only plain HTML from template functions.

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But is there any way to customize the look and feel of the existing tooltip?
Like not just changing the styling of text but the div to make it bigger or smaller or colorful if needed.

Aman Gupta


Hello @aman_gupta ,

Yes, you can customize it through the tooltip_text template, as follows:

scheduler.templates.tooltip_text = function(start,end,event) {
  var someCustomDiv = `<div class="reactComp"> ${event.text}</div>`;
  return someCustomDiv

Here is an example:

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Perfect thanks a bunch