Inline Editing - Bugs?

Hi Team,

Earlier we had custom developed inline edit from the dhtmlx team for our gantt. We are now moving over to the new inline edit feature developed in version 5.2 ( since some of the other features were not working with the earlier gantt) . However we found an issue with the new inline edit.
When we use a “select” type editor the drop down doesn’t stay on view and instantly vanishes on click. Is this a known issue ?
If you need any further inputs please let us know so that we can share the same with you.

I think it is natural for a drop down list to hide after click action:

There are ways to make it stay on the screen, but it is not related to Gantt.
Or do you mean something else?
Could you record a video and demonstrate what happens and how the drop down list vanishes so I can be sure that I understand you correctly?
You can use the following link to upload the video:

Hi Ramil,

I have attached the video clip for the same. As you can see the drop down list doesn’t hide on click on the option in the dropdown , but hides after showing without any clicks.
We also found out this issue resolves itself when we turn the keyboard navigation off.


Thank you for sending the video.
I tried to reproduce it in Chrome and see something similar, like a blink, but the drop-down list doesn’t disappear:

I need to reproduce the issue to see what might be wrong. And there are three ways how you can help me.

  1. Edit the snippet and reproduce the issue there, then click on the “Share” button and send me the link.
  2. Send me a PM message and attach your HTML page with all necessary JavaScript code.
  3. If you have the license send a message in the support system and we’ll discuss your case there. You can send your HTML page with all necessary JavaScript code or grant access to your website/webpage with Gantt. In the latter case please make sure that Gantt code is not connected dynamically as we need to see it in the web console.