Inline editing in Grid

I see that Inline editing for the grid is slated for a future release. Is there any way to do it now? And I do mean ANY way.


Been trying to do this my own way.

For my inline editor to work, the first step is that I need to have some “data-” attributes defined. I have wrote a jQuery function to find and assign those values I need to the “gantt_tree_content” divs that need them. I then attached an event, “OnTaskClick” to print out those values if you click on that certain div in the grid.
Here’s the weird part. The first click on one of the four divs that have these attributes (per row) works. If I click anywhere in the row a second time, the attributes become undefined. This seems to happen on a per row basis. The first click in a new row will have attributes, but no more after that.

Is there a different way of doing this? Or is there some core functionality that is overriding these on each click (either intentionally, or unintentionally) that is going to completely make this impossible.
I realize this is pretty specific and technical, but I have to have some way of doing inline edits. If there is a better solution, I am open to it.