Inline Editor combo box(drop box)

If “type” is “select” during inline editing, selecting and saving “select list” will save the previously entered values, and after selecting “select list”, it will be saved as normal at “enter” key or “selected”. How can I save normally without the “enter” key or “selected”?

var wbsEditor = {type: “select”, map_to: “wbs”, ptions:gantt.serverList(“wbs”)};

gantt.conig.columns = [
{name: “wbs”, label: “wbs”, width:105, resize: true, editor: wbsEditor, templete : function(task){
var wbss = task.wbs.split(’,’);
var server_list = gantt.serList(“wbs”);
var grid_value = [];
for(var i=0; i < wbss.length; i++){
for(var j=0; j < server_list.length; j++){
if(wbss[i] == server_list[j].key) grid_value.push(server_list[j].label)
return grid_value;
else return “”;

If you put a drop-down inside an inline editor, you need to click 2 times to open it: first time to open the inline editor, and the second time to open the drop-down.

When you select a value, the drop-down is closed, but you also need to close the inline editor to save the values.

If you want to click once, it is better to return an HTML element in the template instead of using inline editors.
Here is an example of how it might be implemented:

If you mean something different, please clarify.