inline xml for dhtmlxgrid - or script or anything (except fi


I’m brand new to this product, switching from activewidgets grid.

I’m having trouble getting the grid (without a direct reference to a file) to work with both ie and ff. So here’s my problem.

I cannot use the call (the direct call to a file on my server)


I cannot use this call because, my god, what, am I supposed to build a new dynamic file everytime someone visits the many different dynamic pages that I have…

So I want to put it inline with the html.

I tried all of the examples listed in the thread … mal&q=1856, and they don’t work consistently (please correctly me if I’m wrong) with both browsers. Here’s what I tried:



When I tried this, I get a javascript error: Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support this property or method.



This is the one that I was REALLY hoping would work… and it DOES in ie, but freaking firefox says there’s an error loading the xml. I’m guessing it’s because firefox parses out the tags and ie does not. WHAT A BUMMER, I WOULD REALLY LIKE THIS ONE TO WORK.

3) I also tried:


This was my attempt to make it work in a xml data island…

and I got the same javascript error message as above.

4) I tried to download the "        90.18 Kb    " as listed in my above reference to another thread, but the zip appears to be corrupt.

So please, this is what I need:

A simple example of how to make the grid work with an xml data island in both ie and ff.

… OR …

An explanation as to why firefox will not allow an aspx to create an xml string for me. The weird thing is that if I directly navigate to an xml file on my server from firefox, it shows the xml file, but when I create a xml string from an aspx, it ignores the tags!!!

please please please please please… help :slight_smile:


1) mygrid.loadXMLString() method is availible at PRO version only. You can test it here … rt_comprob

>>A simple example of how to make the grid work with an xml data island in both ie and ff.
attached (79.2 KB)

cool, thanks, the sample you provided works great!
expect purchase very soon.  I’m moving forward with dhtmlx!!!
happy camper