Input Component (V.1.2) - readonly

It would be nice if readonly attribute was available for the Input component. Only one line is needed to activate this feature at line 5992:

attributes:[‘maxlength’, ‘disabled’, ‘placeholder’],

Change to:

attributes:[‘maxlength’, ‘disabled’, ‘placeholder’, ‘readonly’],

Also, it would be helpful to have an “id” attribute assigned to the input field. It makes creating tests much easier. Again, it is a one line change at 5994:

var html = ‘<input class=“dhx_input_box”’;

Change to:

var html = ‘<input class=“dhx_input_box” id=’;


PS - V.1.2 is great! Have not had a chance to use the graphing charts. But the demo’s rock! Thanks!

We will add proposed change for readonly attribute in the main codebase.
As for html id attribute - we will consider it.

Thank you for suggestions.