Input type password

Hello. I’m confused.

I’m knowledgeable with version 5+ and now I am learning this version 6.
I’m stuck with password fields. How to do that?

In V5 I used this json structure below.
{ type: ‘password’, label:‘Password’, name:'pwd}

and yet I tried using the same script above and it did not work. Password field.
How to add password field.

PS: A workaround is changing the type of input after rendering but I like the old one. Less code. How to add a password field. I cannot find in your documentation. :frowning:


Please give me a link on latest .chm file documentation of version 6. My .chm copy for v6 does not have the inputType . My offline documentation was incomplete.

Please gave me a link to the updated version of your documentation for V6. Thank you.

Attached below is my SC of incomplete .chm file. You cannot find the ‘inputType’ there hehehe.
Please provide a new .chm file please. Many thanks.