Inquiry Regarding Applying Test-Driven Development (TDD) Methodology with DHTMLX in MVC or MVVM Patterns

Dear DHTMLX Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently exploring the integration of DHTMLX into our software development process. We are particularly interested in implementing Test-Driven Development (TDD) as part of our methodology, and we would appreciate your guidance on how to effectively apply TDD principles when working with DHTMLX in the context of MVC or MVVM architectural patterns.

Testing DHTMLX Components within MVC/MVVM Patterns: Could you provide recommendations or best practices for writing tests for DHTMLX components when following the MVC or MVVM architectural patterns? Are there any specific considerations or adjustments we should make in our testing approach?

The testing tool I am thinking of is to conduct unit testing through JEST and E2E testing through CYPRESS.

Our development environment is as follows.

  • Next.js Framework
  • React Library
  • Javascript Language

We greatly appreciate your time and expertise in addressing these inquiries within the context of MVC or MVVM architectural patterns. Any additional resources, documentation, or examples you could provide would be invaluable as we strive to incorporate TDD into our development workflow with DHTMLX.

Thank you for your assistance, and we look forward to your guidance.

Best regards,

Could you clarify which DHTMLX Components you use?