Insert and Delete Via Rendered dhtmlxTreeGrid

I have rendered a dhtmlxTreeGrid and I’d like the ability to insert new values to the database via the rendered dhtmlxTreeGrid

Is there support for this? I can’t seem to find it

Please, try to use the dataprocessor component:

I am following this example with no results

I’d like that when I add a row, it gets inserted to the database automatically similar to editing a cell.

The table I’m inserting to only has a PK and a name field. The grid has only the name, and another column for a value for the leaves of the entry but it’s unused for the table I’m trying to insert to. When I insert to the table I just have a single value for the name.

It gets inserted to the table but it does not sync. With the log enabled it has an empty log entry.

With the log enabled it has an empty log entry.

It means that

  • log file is write protected
  • server side code was not triggered at all. Double-check the related client side code, especially the path to server side script

Also, please beware that the sample link to which you have provide, doesn’t use auto-saving mode and requires dp.sendData() command to save all changes.