Insert into DataStore from Form bound to Grid

I have a form that is bound to a grid, which is synced to a DataStore. Everything works fine (including updates to the DataStore) except when I try to add a new record with the form. I get several errors, including “Invalid mixing target”, “Invalid mixing source”, and “Unable to get property ‘_dhx_proto_wait’ of undefined or null reference”.

Based on how other components have worked with data processors, I thought that doing a save() on the form with no cursor set in the DataStore and no value for the ID field would insert a new record into the DataStore. Either my assumption was very wrong, or I’ve overlooked something in my code.

Thanks in advance for any help pointing me in the right direction. (1.31 MB)

Adding new record will not work in such way, instead of using save you need to use something like

//adding new record datastore.add( form.getValues() );