Insert or delete row in filtered state of the grid

I am facing a problem while deleting a row from the grid in filtered state.

I am doing following steps in mentioned order.

(1)filtering with value ‘C’ in first column using header filters shows one row (rowId)

To delete this row I use following methods.



In some cases I need to update some rows so I am using updatefromxml function.

(4)grid.updateFromXML(url (returns xml without mentioned rowId ), true, false, afterUpdatefunc);

Deleted row is disappeared from the grid at this stage but  when I remove the value ‘C’ from the first column filter manually, deleted row comes back.
I am clearing filters and then I am deleting row, so grid should preserve the deleted row change.

Please let me know if I am missing anything.

This is known issue. Please find work around here … ering_mode