Insert, update, delete operation using oracle db

now i’m using oracle for databse, how to insert, update & delete row data using oracle database ?
in my sql the script looks like :

$m = new mysql();
function add_row(){
global $m;
global $newId;
global $data;
$result = $m->insert(‘modul’,$data);
//set value to use in response
$newId = $result;
return “insert”;
function update_row(){
global $m;
global $data;
$result = $m->update(‘modul’,$data,‘id_modul=’.$_GET[“gr_id”]);
return “update”;
function delete_row(){
global $m;
$result = $m->delete(‘modul’,‘id_modul=’.$_GET[“gr_id”]);
return “delete”;
what about in oracle, please somebody give me an example…

is your question about dhtmlxConnector?