Install paid version of DHTML Gantt with Angular4 version


So I have the paid version of DHTML Gantt. I want to use it in a Angular4 project. My question is how should i include it i.e. what does the npm install command look like for a paid version and if there is no npm install for that then how should i include it in my project.
Thank you in advance.


I have quite the same problem, I have included the javascript file from the paid version (so the last version) but there is no type definition for the latest version. When we install the type definition with “npm install --save @types/dhtmlxgantt” it only give us the type definition for version 4.0.34.
Is there any type definition file for the latest version ? Or a process to follow in order to install the type definition for latest version in an angular4 project ?

Thank you in advance.


Unfortunately we don’t provide with npm command to install paid version. Please use the way described here to add Gantt into your project: … ntoproject

Yes, sorry for that. We will update type definition in a couple of weeks.

Hi polina,

Thank you for your answer.
By a couple of week, how long do you think that it will take ?
Because we are now working on an angular 4 project and we need the latest features in our project.
Depends on that response we can take the decision to use or not dhtml gantt in our project.

Thank you in advance.

Currently I think it will take 2 weeks.

Hi, I’m currently working on a Typescript project and we were ready to test&buy DHTMLX Gantt and maybe scheduler.
But without the typings we won’t be able to use it.
I hope its a priority task for you as Typescript projects are beginning to become the norm in Angular projects.
We’ll need to check other libraries, hopefully you’ll be able to provide it soon enough I’ll watch this thread.


I’ll let know in this topic when type definition is updated.

You can update the file yourself and reference it from your own project.

Just add whatever you need to use.

Yeah right but for the price of the library I won’t, we’re not open source there. Commercial products should have the minimum requirements so their product work without finishing the job.

By the way are the files ready ?


Still waiting on this guys please get it updated asap. Paid customers need this and its only a few lines of code to fix.