Integeration with MobiOne, scheduler stays on top ?


I am using MobiOne to create a Webapp. I’ve managed to integrate the Dhx Scheduler with it.
But as soon as the webapp starts the scheduler is shown completely on top of the app. The tabbar is not visible anymore so navigation through the app is not possible anymore.
I wanted the app to start on a start page and let the user choose to push a tabbar button to go to calendar subpage and show the scheduler, but the scheduler takes control directly ?

I read that the function dhx.ready directly loads the scheduler but how do i prevent it from showing instantly ?

hope i managed to explain the issue, thank you for your help !

When i ommit the dhx.ready function the scheduler is not displayed at all ?
What function do i have to use to only show the scheduler on the appropiate subpage when the user clicks the tabbar ?


Scheduler can be initialized in full-screen mode or rendered in a certain container, as in:



... dhx.ready(function(){ dhx.ui({ view: "scheduler", id: "scheduler", container: "schedulerDiv" }); ... });[/code]

Scheduler can be created on some action, for example on button click:

someButton.onclick = function(){
view: “scheduler”,
id: “scheduler”,
container: “schedulerDiv”

thank you Alexandra !