Integrate dhtmlGantt into SharePoint 2013 site

Dear team,

Can you please help/advise with the documentation of how to integrate dhtmlGantt with SharePoint 2013 site. I would appreciate if you have documentation of the same.

Thanks in advance.

Baskar Pichandi

unfortunately, currently we don’t have such documentation or samples.
You can check the article on integration gantt in MVC app. CRUD logic there is implemented using EF, it should look similary in sharepoint site … p-net-mvc/
Note, that the article was writen before separation of gantt functionality between Pro and Standard versions. If you build the app using the latest free version of the component it will look differently that shown on screenshots in a post (although this not affects the CRUD logic). but for the full functionality shown in post you’ll need a PRO version of a gantt, evaluation version will do

Dear friend,

Thanks for your reply. I am planning to use this plug-in. I would like to know whether this plug-in code will support SharePoint environment.

Baskar Pichandi

Hi Baskar,

Are you able to successfully integrate this with SharePoint 2013.

Thanks in Advance.