Integrate dhtmlxCombo and dhtmlxForm

Dear All,

I am trying to create a dhtmlx combo within a dhtmlxForm.
I am creating the items from an xml file with the code:

<items> <item type="settings" position="label-left" labelWidth="100" inputWidth="120"/> <item type="input" name="servicecat" label="Service Category" value="<?php print $cat; ?>" validate="NotEmpty" /> <item type="hidden" name="id" label="ID" value="<?php print $id; ?>" validate="NotEmpty" /> <item type="input" name="code" label="Code" value="<?php print $code; ?>" validate="NotEmpty" /> <item type="combo" label="Account type" name="cboTest" > <option value="admin" label="Admin"/> <option value="org" label="Organiser"/> <option value="poweruser" label="Power User"/> <option value="user" label="User"/> </item> <item label="" type="button" name="save" value="Save" /> </items>

When it renders, the form and the combo appear fine. I just want to know how to set autocomplete attributes and onchange events to the combo from the xml settings? I looked at the examples and at the forum but could not find an answer

Thanks in advance for your help…


For autocomplete try to set filtering=“true”
For change you can use onChange/onBeforeChange, like this:

myForm.attachEvent("onChange", function(){ console.log(arguments) })
Or you can get combo objcect and work with it using como API:

var myCombo = myForm.getCombo(name);

Events demo (the same for combo): … vents.html