Integrate Map View


I want to integrate Map view in my calendar. I followed the instructions given on this link:-

Map is integrated but Date and Desciption is not displaying on left side of Map. The right side calendar showing my current location but that is not enough for me. I want left side events and details in the map view. so, that user can see the location of particular event in the calendar by selecting the event from left side window.

I also attached image. Please look on it also.
Please let me know how to display events and details in map view as per your demo.

Will be waiting for your response…

Hardeep Singh

you may check map view example in Scheduler.MVC3 project from the trial package
public ActionResult GoogleMap() - initializing
public ContentResult MapEvents() - example data

in short, in addition to usual mandatory properties(id, text,start_date,end_date) events class should have three more properties
public double lat;
public double lng;//coordinates
public string event_location;//text description of the place

if record have these properties it should be displayed on the map correctly.
Left side should display event details without any modifications. Are there any js errors on the page?

And sorry for unsufficient documentation, we’ll update that article in the nearest days

Hello Aliaksandr

Thanks for your reply!

I saw the sample and integrated map successfully but still I am getting one problem which is:-

why map is not showing the past events like yesterday. It always showing the future events not today itself.

May I know why…? I want to show all events in map. Please help!

Looking forward for your response…

Hardeep Singh

it is default behavior of the map and agenda views, they show only future events.
You can change it using scheduler configuration, this setting available only on the client-side.
scheduler.config.map_start = minDate
e.g. <% Html.RenderPartial("Scheduler"); %> <script> scheduler.config.map_start = new Date(-1); </script>or DHXScheduler.BeforeInit.Add("scheduler.config.map_start = new Date(-1);")