Integrating dhtmlxcombo in dhtmlxgrid using dhtmlxconnector

I have used a dhtmlxgrid with dhtmlxconnector. The technology used is ASP.NET and C#. Now I want to put combobox in some columns in the grid. When user clicks on a cell to edit it will become a smart rendering combobox where data will come from database. After selecting a data from combobox the grid data will update the database with the data. How is it possible to do?
Please help…

One more thing to ask, is it possible to dynamically load the data in the combo box inside the grid column, as it is done in dtmlxgrid through smart rendering??

You can configure combo cell for grid, as described here … cell_combo

as “source” you can set a server side url, which uses combo-connector in dynamic loading mode.


I have used this 2 lines to get auto filtering in dhtmlxgrid,

combo = grid.getColumnCombo(1);

but an error is showing in browser - “grid.getColumnCombo is not a function”.

Any particular js is required?

Please be sure that dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js is included on the page.