Integrating include files

I appreciate that you have such a vast collection of software and that you have the ability to “compile” the include files into a relatively compact package. I compiled all the dhtmlx software together to a one megabyte package just for the javascript, a year or so ago. I get the impression that you guys have tripled that by now.

I produced a one-screen demonstration. It took relatively little time to produce. (Thank you :smiley: ) Now I’m faced with a major process, adding and taking away files so as to produce an integration package. Creating a manifest for this compilation is non-trivial.

Are there any tools you know of that would simplify this process?

Otherwise I’ll be spending a lot of time testing, taking one file away at a time.


There is no easy way to detect which libs is necessary based on used code.
Basically you can remove components for which, you are fully sure that they are not used.

All components compiled in single js file, after code compression ( libCompiler, or third party tools such as Google Closure compiler or UglifyJs ) will result in around 1mb file, which after gzipping goes down to 300kb - which is, while not small, is quite normal for modern web pages.

Thanks Stanislav.

Maybe - as apps get more complex and their include code gets bigger - there’s a market for this.

Or maybe internet lines will just get faster… :laughing: