Integration between DhmtxlTree.NET and dhtmlxpro 3.0

Hi, i’ve just bought dhmtlxpro v. 3.0 in order to use with the extension.
Infact i’m trying the control (evaluation version) in my project.

I’m waiting a response of yours about how to purchase the control not included in suite version.

Meanwhile i want to use a function included in pro version : enableMercyDrag.
I can’t find this function in client-side of the control, but only creating a new one with the client-component of pro version.
How can i integrate this?

I wanna create the tree using control and then use the pro-function like enablemercydrag on that tree.

Thanks a lot.


I’ve discovered dhtmlXTreeFromHTML function, but after i get the tree reference and i try to call enableMercyDrag it returns error cause i’ve not loaded any xml file…
please… help…